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An independent business organisation, representing Lithuanian engineering industry, interests of companies, working in metal, machinery and equipment, electromechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber industry on international and national level.

Our goal is to increase business competitiveness and internationalization, improve export of products and services, increase synergy between scientists and engineers activity. We take part in improving quality of VET (Vocational education and training) in Lithuania.

The turnover of engineering industries sector in Lithuania reaches 6,8 billion Eur (2022), and the generated share of GDP in the structure of the whole manufacturing is 25 per cent. More than 70 per cent of created engineering industries products are exported.



LINPRA initiates joint activities of its members, coordinates activities of a few LINPRA established clusters, recognises and promotes other clusters of engineering specifics in Lithuania.



LINPRA aims to develop the created added value and productivity of engineering companies by providing services and data in different platforms and by various means.


LINPRA in Europe

LINPRA represents interests if its members and the whole engineering industry of the country not only in Lithuania but also in European context.
Our vision: engineering industry of Lithuania is recognised worldwide as a modern and reliable partner..

We aim to increase the competitiveness of our companies on international scale and develop the integration to international networks, creating higher value added products. LINPRA aims to represent Lithuanian companies by participating in activities of European organizations, where we have our representatives.



LINPRA activities are useful and valued by its members in the short term and long term perspectives.

In the short term members are provided with information and help on representation, mediation, networking organizing, getting financial aid, technological education, knowledge management and worker education.

In the longer perspective LINPRA works to improve business environment and scientific activity in Lithuania and abroad, improve VET and competence quality in Lithuania, promotes export development, encourages R&D synergy between science institutions and business enterprises etc.


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