Pažangios inovacijos, UAB
Organization type
  • Automation and robotics

Activity category
  • Automation solutions
  • Digitization
  • Other
  • Product inspection equipment
  • Robotics and mechatronics

  • Scientific research and experimental validation
  • Robot EoaT
  • Control systems
  • Machine automation
  • Computer vision
  • Industrial robots
  • Welding and cutting
  • Mechatronics systems
  • Palletizing
  • Packaging
  • Packaging and palletizing
  • Pick-place
  • Construction
  • Digitization services
  • Dimension check
  • Automotive
  • Machine tending
  • Assemble
  • Automations of processes
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare
  • End-of-line
  • Electronics
  • Industrial automation
  • Logistic
  • Metal fabrication
  • Vision systems
  • Mobile robotics


Pažangios inovacijos UAB is the coordinating company of the Digital Innovation Centre of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley.

The company helps manufacturers and integrators to automate and robotize production processes. The centre provides services for digitisation solutions for the manufacturing sector: integration of robotics, technical vision, concept development and testing, prototyping and documentation preparation for integration. The Centre also provides advice on the selection and adoption of manufacturing technologies, helps prepare for the robotization and digitalization of production, prepares terms of reference for the purchase of equipment and for obtaining proposals from integrators, and carries out technology audits.

The Centre demonstrates in a laboratory environment and can test new technologies and application solutions “before investment”, e.g. multi-component robots, cobots, robotic mobility systems and digitisation – i.e., IoT, big data, cloud computing, mobile internet and wireless sensor networks, virtual and digital twins, solutions for digital design and product lifecycle data collection, analysis and management, and other similar technologies that have already had and continue to have a huge impact on the production environment and have now become a key factor in manufacturing service and application processes.